Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Gratitude: A Small, Cheap and Quick Thing that Apparently Makes a Huge Difference

A while ago I read that someone who actually claimed to be an “expert” on happiness said that one thing that can make you feel happier is acknowledging the things you are grateful for. As my 4-month old was going through a sleep regression, I really needed a boost in morale, so I thought: why not give this a try? It’s free, it’s quick. So I opened a notepad on my iPhone and promised that every day I will write down at least one thing I was grateful for. For instance:

“I am grateful that the 4-month-old sleep regression is just a phase that will pass.”
“I am grateful that we can afford a nanny.”

You get the idea.

I must say: This. Stuff. Really. Works.  

The effect on my morale, on my perceived level of happiness was tremendous! I wonder if this will last or if the effect will wear off. We will have to see. But for now this “gratitude game” has become a part of my daily routine. Whenever I feel down, or when I am brushing my teeth or taking a shower, I just think of the little (and big) things I am grateful for:

“I am grateful for being able to take a hot shower”.
“I am grateful that I do not live under the Stalin regime”.

I will definitely keep doing this exercise and I will teach it to my baby once she grows old enough to talk. We’ll make it a part of her bedtime routine.

What are you grateful for?


  1. I am grateful to Almighty Allah (GOD) for everything I have.

    I am grateful for Eyes and Ears that I can see and hear; many of us cannot.
    I am grateful for every morning and for another beautiful day.
    I am grateful for the job I have; many of us are jobless.
    I am grateful for the food I can afford and eat; many of us don't have..
    I am grateful that I have mother who always pray for me.
    I am grateful that I have father who always support me.
    I am grateful that I have bro n sis who can understand me and for having fun with them.
    I am grateful for every little and big thing He blessed me with =)

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